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Esquire Real Estate Blog

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Sold. Here's the story...

Bryan Zuetel


This week, Esquire Real Estate successfully closed escrow on this beautiful condo in Irvine, Orange County, California.

As a prime example of our slogan that “Your real estate transaction is a legal matter,” during escrow, Esquire Real Estate handled the termination of tenancy for the renters in this unit relying on a unique provision allowing 30 days notice of termination of tenancy, when the transaction meets six criteria found in California Civil Code section 1946.1.  With this provision, the sellers were able to avoid having a lengthy escrow or transferring the property to the new owners with the tenants still retaining possession. 

Esquire Real Estate also seamlessly worked with three sellers (two out-of-state sellers) with different tenant in common interests in the property with our full knowledge of the legal impacts of varying tenant in common interests when selling real property.

Please remember Esquire Real Estate if you are interested in selling your property or purchasing a property, and remember, despite how simplistic your transaction may seem, “Your real estate transaction is a legal matter.”