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Esquire Real Estate Blog

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Get protected from common mistakes.

Bryan Zuetel

Top 7 Legal Mistakes Home Buyers & Agents Make

1. Not realizing that, without a confidentiality agreement, a seller need not treat your offer as confidential.

2. Not understanding when a contract becomes legally binding on the parties.

3. Failing to review the title record for liens, encumbrances, or other irregularities that will prevent the seller from closing escrow as scheduled.

4. Not understanding the legal implications and obligations under loan and inspection contingencies and other contractual provisions.

5. Not obtaining and reviewing a seller’s disclosures.

6. Not conducting your own inspections and investigations as the buyer.

7. Not fully considering the legal, tax, credit, and other ramifications of homeownership, especially co-ownership.

You can trust Esquire Real Estate to help you avoid legal mistakes and to properly advise and inform you of the legal challenges while purchasing California real estate. Give us your questions.