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When agents just fill in the blank

Bryan Zuetel

A recent article in the Realtor magazine, which is directed to real estate agents, rightly warned of the legal pitfalls and danger of a real estate agent drafting contracts and simply filling in the blanks.  To slightly modify the byline from the story, “Crafting contracts may look simple, but agents going it alone are probably clueless about the risks involved.”  The article suggests that agents, buyers, and sellers obtain legal evaluation and advice for their real estate transactions.  The article further warns agents about the risk of “violating restrictions against the unauthorized practice of law when you pull down legal forms from the Internet.”  

California defines the practice of law as providing “legal advice and legal instrument and contract preparation, whether or not these subjects were rendered in the course of litigation.”

You can check out the article here:

Why would you trust your most valuable and important asset to a real estate agent (who should seek out legal counsel during the transaction) when you can have the services of an attorney-broker through Esquire Real Estate at no added cost to you?  

Please contact Esquire Real Estate for your next real estate transaction, so you can enjoy the legal expertise and customized contract drafting of an attorney along with the sales and real estate knowledge of a real estate broker.