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Sold, Orange County Historical Home

Bryan Zuetel


It is our pleasure to announce the successful sale of a craftsman built historical home in Santa Ana, Orange County. Here's the story about the sale in our clients' own words:

For many years we have talked about owning the home of our dreams. A unique home, a home where we can raise a family and enjoy all of the wonderful moments in life; a real home. But the task seemed daunting. And as we saw the housing prices continue to rise, we thought, "Is it even possible for us to buy a house? Can we get a good deal? How does the whole process even work? It seems a little too stressful and out of reach!" Maybe other people have experienced the difficulties of finding the right home, getting the best deal, making the right moves at the right times and stressing over the mounds of paperwork and what it all means. However, this was NOT our experience. In steps Bryan Zuetel of Esquire Real Estate, an amazing, trustworthy real estate agent/broker/attorney and paperwork wizard. The moral of the story is, we are now living in a home that exceeds all of our expectations! The road was easy and Bryan guided us every step of the way. We had no idea what we were doing and what was best, so we adopted the motto, "Whatever Bryan says!". From talking through home choices, to signing paperwork, Esquire Real Estate had everything handled quickly, efficiently and with a lot of wisdom and experience. We actually enjoyed our house hunting and escrow experience, because we knew everything was handled and we had nothing to worry about. We cannot thank Bryan and Esquire Real Estate enough and we truly cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you Esquire Real Estate, for everything!
-Kurt & Krysten Snyder