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Esquire Real Estate Blog

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Risky Business

Bryan Zuetel

Consult an attorney-broker to “avoid risky business."

A recent article titled “Avoiding Risky Business” in the California Association of Realtors magazine, California Real Estate, warns real estate agents against custom drafting of contracts and contractual provisions, which is the unauthorized practice of law. Many real estate agents use form contracts and disclosures, which are generally helpful but cannot possibly address every unique situation or each particular transaction. The article, written by Linda A. Kirios, Esq., senior counsel to the California Association of Realtors, does not go so far as to suggest that real estate agents consult an attorney for every transaction, but the implication is present throughout the article that consulting an attorney for each transaction would be helpful and perhaps, advisable.

You can view the digital magazine format of the article here: 

And the text only of the article here:

Full Service Protection

Esquire Real Estate provides you with both the legal knowledge of a real estate attorney and the sales and closing expertise of a real estate broker for all of your real estate sale and purchase needs. Esquire Real Estate can provide customized, individualized contracts, disclosures, and other transaction documents tailored to your specific transaction. Rather than suggest that you separately consult and pay for a real estate attorney for your transaction, Esquire Real Estate provides both a real estate attorney and broker in one at no extra cost to you.