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Should You Buy or Rent for Your College-Bound Student?

Bryan Zuetel

As students begin to submit college applications, parents are considering whether to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for on-campus housing for four years (or more) or to instead buy a property near the college for the student and as a future income stream. 

Interestingly, the better financial decision in most college towns is to buy a place for your student to live. Check out the following link and sort by the median break even years:

Unless your student wants to live in Newport Beach, Santa Monica, or Santa Barbara, buying a place for your college-bound student to live should provide a positive net profit for you. Further, a few other college friends renting rooms at the property means extra net income to you.

Esquire Real Estate is available to represent you in all of your real estate transactions and to advise you regarding purchasing or selling properties in California college towns.